How B2B Testimonial Videos Can Boost Your Sales [All Secrets Revealed]

A b2b testimonial video is a short video of a client who has used your services directly and can share with the world their experience. That includes their opinion on your service quality and how it helps them grow their business.

B2B Testimonial videos are a great way to get your customers' feedback, so they can become effective salespeople for you. People are more likely to trust a video than simple reviews where someone just writes their opinion.

They feel that testimonial videos give them a better insight into the company and its product.

Let me ask you a question - have you purchased anything online recently? If so, did you look for positive reviews of the product or service before buying it? Of course, you did.

Now, if you see that the person who used that product gave a very good review. She says that this product is very good and she has benefited from using this product for a long time. Then you will have more influence to buy that product, and you must buy the product.

B2B testimonial videos are a great way to increase trust with your potential customers. They are also an easy way to add new content to your website without taking too much time.

You can use it on your website, in your emails, and on social media to help increase trust and sales.

What is a B2B Testimonial Video? [Let’s Discuss In Depth]

A B2B testimonial video is where an existing customer gives their feedback on the product or service they bought from you. The video doesn't always have to be about the product, either. It could be about how good your customer service was or how quick it was. You were able to get back in touch after they got in touch with you for the first time.

B2B testimonial videos help show your potential customers why they should do business with you. They are different from regular video testimonials. Because they focus on your company and not the person who is giving their testimony.

A B2B video testimonial takes a more business-focused approach than one-to-one video testimonials. The best way to think of a B2B testimonial is a customer interview. The customer is being interviewed about why they chose to do business with you and how it has benefited them.

The best thing about this kind of video is that they're not scripted out like most other marketing videos are. This makes them feel more authentic and trustworthy. Because they don't have to rehearse again and again until every word is perfect, which seems very natural.

Why should I use B2B testimonial videos?

There are many different ways you can use B2B testimonial videos to increase your sales. But the biggest reason why you should consider using these videos is that they can help you build trust and credibility with your audience.

  • When potential clients or customers see that other businesses have used your products or services and have gotten good results, they will be more likely to buy from you. This is because they will know that they are dealing with someone who knows what they are doing and has had success in this area before.

  • Another reason to use these videos is that they allow people to better understand what it is like working with you. They can see how you operate and how your employees work together and interact.

  • It may also help your clients see how much time goes into each company's project. When a potential client calls up asking for an estimate on a certain job, they will already have an idea of what it takes to complete.

  • The B2B sales process is often longer, more complex, and more consultative than the B2C sales process. This means that potential buyers are generally more cautious about making a buying decision. There is a greater need to build trust and establish credibility with the buyer.

  • Video testimonials work so well because of the power of visual persuasion. In fact, according to Hubspot: "80% of users remember the video ad they watched in the past 30 days". Also, "45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week"

In what ways can B2B testimonial videos greatly increase your sales?

There are ways in which b2b testimonial videos greatly increase your sales.

B2B testimonial videos boost your website traffic

When you post videos on your website, they can create a bigger buzz around your business. Visitors will share the videos with their friends and other people online. As a result, you'll attract more traffic to your site and generate more prospects for your business.

B2B testimonial videos can showcase how you help Customers

Your customers will be able to explain how you've helped them solve their problems or overcome hurdles that were holding them back from achieving their goals. This kind of information is invaluable because it helps potential customers realize how your company can benefit them.

B2B testimonial videos help you differentiate yourself from your competitors

Video testimonials are more powerful than text testimonials. Because they allow people to see for themselves how your product or service worked for someone else.

B2B testimonial videos generate sales leads

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to generate sales leads with video is the testimonial. When you film your customers using your product and talking about their experience. You're providing a powerful piece of social proof.

Taken from my experience, I've learned that the best way to create B2B testimonial videos is to make them very personal, very specific, and very real.

B2B testimonial videos build trust and authenticity

Testimonial videos are videos of real customers talking about their experience with your product. They're the most effective way of building trust and credibility because they let prospects see the real impact of your offering. Potential customers are more likely to leap from "this looks good" to "I should really buy this."

What to consider when making B2B testimonial videos?

Making B2B testimonial videos is not easy, especially if you are making a video for a business or company. It is not just about the video but also the purpose of why you are making it. There are some more useful and unique things to consider when making a B2B testimonial video.

Clear message

One of the important factors in making B2B testimonial videos is to ensure that the message your intended audience will receive is clear. The message should be to the point and make sense, so nobody will misunderstand what you are trying to convey.

Also, keep in mind who you are targeting with your video. If your target audience is middle-aged men, having an all-girl pop band singing about your service would be inadvisable. Focus on your audience and choose wisely when choosing talent for your videos.

Quality production

The quality of your production will reflect your company's credibility. The high-quality production will give your company a good impression and make you stand out from the other companies in your niche.

Keep in mind that this type of video is most intended to convince other businesses to try out and sell your products or services. You want to put other businesses at ease while still highlighting the benefits of using your products or services.

Professional editing

Editing is another thing you need to consider when making B2B testimonial videos. A poorly edited video will negatively impact people watching it and might mistake it for unprofessionalism. A well-edited video makes you look professional and credible.

Show the real picture

Another factor to consider when making B2B testimonial videos is to show the real picture of your company by showing how hardworking and passionate its employees are about their work and how willing they are.

The main difference between B2B testimonial videos and social media ads

There are 4 differences between B2B testimonial video and social media ads.

1. Unlike social network ads, which are working to reach as many users as possible. But B2B marketing campaigns are more likely to generate leads. Whereas most social media ads focus on driving traffic to a website.

2. Video testimonials are the best way to show off your product or service quickly, in a way that's easily accessible to clients and leads.

3. To get the most out of your video testimonials, try using our three-step approach: use emotion to connect with potential clients. Make your case by citing specific benefits, and close by summarizing the benefits of your product or service.

4. The main difference between B2B and social media ads is the audience. B2B advertising works for a business, and a social media ad works for an individual.

How to create a b2b testimonial video that works?

Video testimonials are one of the most effective ways to build trust and confidence in your brand. A study by the University of Amsterdam revealed that 92% of people trust recommendations from oth