What Makes A Good Explainer Video [A Definitive Guide]

Are you struggling to find what makes a good explainer video? We will find it out today in this guide.

An explainer video has certain characteristics that make it engaging for a visitor:

  1. Make sure the video reflects your company's brand.

  2. The length of the video matters a lot. Keep it short and crisp for the greatest impact.

  3. Make sure there's some humor in your explainer video.

We will now dive deeper and deeper.

An explainer video is short (usually 1-2 minutes), with rich media, narrative, Animation, or stop-motion clips. It narrates what a business does and why it's beneficial for its customers. Explainer videos are so popular right now that there's a chance you're already overwhelmed by their vast number.

Explainer videos are lightweight, small pieces of online marketing that can be used to communicate your product or service to an interested audience as an alternative to long texts and emails.

What makes a good explainer video [Essentials To Know]

The characteristics that make a video great are not the tools and techniques used, but they are more about the story and the art of storytelling.

It is more about telling a story that touches peoples' hearts rather than showing off your product or service. The story must be so compelling that it can build an emotional bridge between the audience and your brand.

The plot should have an intriguing beginning, an interesting middle, and a memorable end. To get an idea of what makes a good story, read up on how screenwriters develop their scripts.

Set up a clear goal for this video

Be clear with what you want your video to achieve. Do you want it to drive sales? Do you want it to increase your followers? Do you want it to gain brand awareness?

Whatever your goal is, state it clearly at the beginning of the video. That way, people understand your message immediately, and they will be more likely to hear what you have to say.

Using the catchy hook at the beginning of the video

Keep in mind that people nowadays have very short attention spans. If you didn't catch their attention in the first 10 seconds, then your video will not be able to achieve the specific goal.

This is why you should use a hook in your video so that the person will be attracted to watch the first 10 seconds.

How many types of explainer videos are there, and which method will work for you?

There are many forms of explainer videos, but the most common ones are:

2D or 3D Animation

2D or 3D Animation is a form of Animation that uses computer graphics to create 3D models and then uses those models in animations. 2D or 3D Animation explainer videos are animation video content that helps viewers understand a product.

Also, it helps to explain the service works of this, and why they should use it. They're under 2 minutes in length and designed for engaging and entertaining.

Explainer videos can help your business by conveying information concisely in a fast-paced way. A good explainer video can be engaging while teaching viewers complex concepts.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics explainer videos are effective animated videos. It is making to use graphics and illustrations to tell a story. They feature bright colors and comic book-inspired illustrations. They use it to introduce new products, explain ideas, or make concepts easier to understand.

Motion Graphics are a way of communicating information or an idea using moving images. The images can be drawings, digital illustrations, or footage, and they're often combined with sound effects and music. Also, other audio to create something more engaging than reading a plain text article.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard explainer videos are a type of video often used by businesses to explain the value of their product or service. They're called whiteboard videos because you'll see a hand drawing on a whiteboard in the first few seconds.

You can choose tons of different styles for your product marketing, from blackboards to 3D Animation to full-color Animation.

Whiteboard explainer videos take the viewer through a problem, solution, and the benefits of a solution. Because Whiteboard animation videos are videos that make artists draw pictures on a whiteboard.


Live-Action explainer videos are the next generation of video marketing. They're a great way to stand out from other businesses because they're stunning and easy to understand. So your customers will be able to interact with your message quickly and efficiently.

Yet, they generally have more potential to go viral and get shared across the internet. So which can make them well worth it if you're looking to bring on new customers or spread the word about your business.

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography explainer videos are a popular way to simplify and understand a process, concept, or idea. Which use text animations to create an engaging and eye-catching video. This video breaks down complex ideas into simple, hard-to-easy concepts.

A good kinetic typography explainer video should be fun, engaging, and informative. It should tell a story in a way that is entertaining and easily understood by the target audience.

The first step in creating a good kinetic typography explainer video is defining your target audience. Once you know who you're talking to, you can start thinking about the best way to create an explainer video that they'll find useful and enjoyable.

Screencast Videos

Screencast videos show a screen and explain something about the images, text, or actions you're seeing. They can explain anything from what buttons to click on in an app to using a computer program.

Screencast videos are great for showing the viewer how to do something on the computer.

Let's dissect an explainer video.

An explainer video is a combination of many tasks. We will explore all the parts and will become a mastermind.

Engaging Script

An engaging script is a very important part of an explainer video. A bad script can break the magic of your video. But at the same time, a good script can save it from getting boring or, worse, from a viewer's point of view, extremely lengthy.

So what makes a good explainer video? A good script can engage the audience and make them want to watch the video until the end.